Refill Return Programme

We're on a mission to reduce our plastic waste and we need your help! Every year thousands of plastic bottles end up in landfills. At Madame Sustainable, we take great strides in trying to create sustainable produces that don't compromise on quality. 

Help us on our mission to reduce plastic waste by participating in our refill return programme.

All we ask if that you simply rinse out your refill pouches once you're done with them and mail them back to us to be reused!  We'll even sweeten the deal by providing a $5 credit for every A4 envelope you send back



How should I pack my refills for return?

- We recommend using an A4 letter envelope - Make sure the refils are rinsed and dry and ensure the refill has its cap on - Don’t stack the spout corners of each refill. It is important that the envelope does not exceed an overall height of 2cm or you will be charged for a parcel not a letter! -Lie the refill pouches flat

How do I get my credit?

Once we receive your return envelope, we will email you with a $5 coupon code to use on your next order

So how does the refill return programme work?

1. Rinse out your refills and make sure the caps are on 2. Send an email to to let us know you'll be returning your refills. We will then confirm our return address 3. Pack and post the refills in an envelope 4. Once received by us, we'll email you a $5 coupon to use on your next order!