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Refill Return Programme

We're on a mission to reduce our plastic waste and we need your help! Every year thousands of plastic bottles end up in landfills. At Madame Sustainable, we take great strides in trying to create sustainable produces that don't compromise on quality. 

Help us on our mission to reduce plastic waste by participating in our refill return programme.

All we ask if that you simply rinse out your refill pouches once you're done with them and mail them back to us to be reused!  We'll even sweeten the deal by providing a $5 credit for every A4 envelope you send back

  • How is a Mask Mee going to benefit me?
    Mask Mee is a socially responsible, yet stylish way to help avoid the spread of COVID-19 and other respiratory spread viruses. Mask Mee has a double layer and is fitted to your face shape, therefore giving you both protection and comfort. Medical masks or makeshift masks can be sore around the nose and ears, in particular. Mask Mee is designed with only material around these areas to avoid painful elastic with prolonged wear. The size of the mask itself has also been designed specifically for extra comfort. They have the capability to insert your own respiratory filters, for added safety. Plus with 17 designs to match your look,you’re sure to look fly as hell.
  • Why should I invest in a Mask Mee?
    We will need to wear masks in the Australia for the foreseeable future, therefore the investment in a stylish Mask Mee will be worth it. There’s no need to feel drab when heading out of your home. Mask Mee has a double layer and is fitted to your face shape, unlike other masks. It’s so convenient as you can wash easily by hand or machine and drying time is almost instant; eliminating the need for disposable masks, which have a negative impact on the environment.
  • What is your returns and refund policy?
    Due to safety and hygiene reasons, we do not accept returns or issue refunds. Our professional staff quality control all products to ensure there are no faults before dispatching to you.
  • How do I know when to wear a mask?
    We recommend for your own safety and social responsibility you wear Mask Mee at all times when leaving the house. Keep yourself updated on all Australian rules and regulations regarding the current global pandemic.
  • What happens when the masks gets wet?
    Mask Mee is easily washable and dries fast, so there is no issue if it gets wet.
  • What if I cough or sneeze while wearing a Mask Mee?
    Mask Mee has been trialed and tested by our professionals. The simple and recommended test of trying to blow out a naked flame has proven that no particles spread out from the mask. As long as you keep your mouth and nose covered there will be no risk of contaminating others. Mask Mee is able to be dried in your dryer, or if not available you can place in direct sunlight to dry.
  • What is Mask-mee made out of?
    Mask Mee is made from 80% Polyester 20% cotton, double layer so as well as protecting you, you are also able to breathe in them easily and they’re super comfortable. Our sustainable, recycled range is triple layered and made from ECONYL - a recycled material made from ocean waste
  • How do I sanitize Mask Mee?
    You should attempt to wash your hands (if possible) every time you touch a mask. Once you have removed your mask you can choose to wear disposable gloves for the sanitizing process or be sure to wash your hands immediately after sanitizing. If available to you, place Mask Mee in a mesh wash bag to protect it from other clothing. Wash on a hot wash using heavy-duty washing detergent on a normal cycle. You can also handwash your Mask Mee with detergent in very hot water. If you know that the wearer of Mask Mee is already sick you can add disinfectant to your sanitizing process. However, please check the product label to ensure these are suitable for materials. Do not use bleach on your Mask Mee.
  • Does Mask Mee protect you from COVID-19?
    Mask Mee is one of the best non-surgical grade forms of protection from COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses. You can also insert your own chosen filter into the mask to increase its protection. As a responsible business, we would never completely guarantee Mask Mee will stop you contracting COVID-19, however, along with proper hygiene practices and social distancing you can be sure that Mask Mee is one of your best lines of defense.
  • How can you tell if a mask is real or fake?
    Fake masks are made of poor and cheap quality fabrics without any compliance. You can test your mask by pouring water into, it should not leak. Also, when wearing a legitimate mask you should not be able to blow out a naked flame. Which is good, because you’ll look firrrre.
  • How long can I wear the mask for?
    We recommend you remove and wash your Mask Mee after every visit out in public. For this reason, we recommend accessorising with several Mask Mee masks, so you can easily switch and appropriately sanitize once you’ve been out in public.
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