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5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Skin While Wearing A Mask

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Welcome to the new norm where face masks are quickly becoming part of our daily lives. Face masks are now recommended by the CDC in public settings to help slow virus transmission, but wearing a mask for prolonged periods of time can cause skin irritation. However, with the right care, irritation to your skin can  be significantly reduced.


Read our top tips to take care of your skin while wearing a face mask.

1. Cleanse more often

Make sure to clean your face before putting on your mask. Wearing a mask can cause more sweat and moisture to build up on your skin and dirt and oil are more likely to get trapped under your mask which can lead to break-outs. Use a gentle cleanser that is fragrance and oil free. When you remove your mask, wash your hands and cleanse your face.

2. Hydrate your skin

Since you are washing your face more frequently, you also need to counteract this with more moisturiser to ensure your skin is well hydrated and to help keep your skin’s natural moisture barrier intact. Moisturiser also acts like a barrier to friction from your mask. Once again, go for something that is fragrance and oil free to prevent irritation.

3. Wear less make up

Forego heaving foundation underneath your mask and stick to sunscreen or a light tinted moisturiser. Heavy foundation can clog pores and further irritate your skin under the mask. Also, make up can leave marks on your mask.

4. Only wear clean masks

Dirt and oil from your skin plus bacteria from your nose and mouth can build up on your mask and cause irritation and break outs. Make sure you are washing your mask regularly and keep a rotation of masks on hand to ensure you always have a clean, fresh mask available.

5. Use to fragrance free laundry detergent

Choose a fragrance-free laundry detergent to wash your mask and lay it flat to dry. Detergents with fragrances can cause irritation so best to avoid these types of products if you are prone to irritation and break outs. Why not purchase a Mask Mee multiple pack to ensure you always have a clean mask handy? 

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